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Stevie Wonder Working on Gospel Album

Jul 03 2013

Award-winning singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder is working on several new projects including a gospel album entitled Gospel Inspired by Lula.  The icon tells Rolling Stone that the project will be "coming out relatively soon. I never put a time on things, because the most important thing is that it’s good. Hopefully we get it the way it feels good to me,” he explained.  The project is a tribute to his mother Lula Mae Hardaway who passed away in 2006 and fulfills a promise he made to her to record a gospel album.  Stevie is also working on a symphonic album entitled Ten Billion Hearts.  He shares, It is a lot of things that I have done, old material, but doing it a different way. I’m going to do about three or four new songs as well. We did ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ with the orchestra and I wrote another verse to it. This is just another interpretation, and we did the arrangement a little differently and it turned out really, really good. I’m really excited about it.”  The two projects will be the first new material from Wonder since his 2005 release A Time to Love

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